Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In my The Woman's Study Bible, (second edition, copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.), there is a quote from June Hunt (p. 81):  "Worry is most often a prideful way of thinking that you have more control over life and its circumstances than you actually do." 
Pastor James Bond (Revival Tabernacle, Watsontown, PA) told me once that my becoming so obsessed with the problems of others and taking responsibility for the salvation of my loved one was actually a form of pride and that I should repent.  I took that advice, and my life has been different since.  You see?  I have more faith now.  Apologizing to the Lord for trying to do His job has somehow released a faith in me, and it has been so freeing.  Yes, I still pray often, but my prayers are different; they are more of an invitation for God to work than my telling God how to do His job.  What a difference it has made. 

But that is only a part of my raindrop, although it has been more like a flood than a drop.  the other part is that prayer really is everything.  When I lived so far from my family and they had needs, the only thing I could do was pray; I could not be there physically!!  But why do we say it like that?  Why do we say that all we can do is pray, when it is everything?  It is inviting the Creator of the universe, the Almighty God, the ultimate Father with unlimited resources to work in behalf of the situation instead of our measly little selves running over to do what little we can with our limited bodies and limited power and limited resources.  Yes, we all need "God with skin on" at times in our lives, but praying for someone is the ultimate services you can render them!!  Prayer should be the first thing we do, and then God can direct us to serve in better, more efficient and effective ways. 

I am working on this in my life.  I am trying to remember to pray before I take a Tylenol or offer one to someone else.  I am trying to remember to pray as a first line of defense instead of using it as a Plan B!

God hears the prayers of His children.  He answers.  Period!!

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