Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My Intimate Moment with the Creator

My last morning in Hawaii I sat on a lava rock wall by the ocean. The sea was in turmoil with waves that crested and landed on the shore, beating the large lava rocks below me. The whales were extremely active in the distance, coming up out of the water completely and landing with the big splash or blowing waterspouts in multiples, evidence of the many whales beneath the surface.

My aha moment, my intimate moment with the Creator of the vastness of all of this, the Creator of fish so large that their tails were distinct even at a great distance, the Creator of such an amount of water that fills the ocean, the end of which I could not see, the Upholder of the power of the waves by the word of His power (Hebrews 1:3) overwhelmed me. 

I am asking Him for answers to some pretty big requests. My prayers are full of situations that need a miracle, and in that moment, sitting by the incredible creation, evidence of the incredible God, it was impressed on me so strongly that a God that big can do anything. ANYTHING!

So, sitting right there, I asked.

He reminded me of the promise He's given me.

He can. He will. I am in awe of Him!