Sunday, August 4, 2013

God let me witness an answer to my prayers!

I have been praying for God to have someone speak truth into the life of my lost loved one.  I got to witness that first hand TWO TIMES in the last few days!!!  The first time, several Spirit-filled people passionately refuted untruths coming from this person.  Hating confrontation, I wanted to stop the process.  I actually had to leave the room.  Once outside, God reminded me of the MANY prayers I had prayed for this to happen.  The second time, someone publicly prayed and basically laid out the plan of salvation and praised God for being Almighty, Wonderful, Creator God, etc.  It was so powerful!!  This time, I KNEW what was happening! 

I thank God for keeping me from interrupting His work, for showing me His hand, and for allowing me to witness His process and His answer to my prayers!!  He is working in this life, and I am so very grateful!!

Two other people for whom I am praying has also shown evidence of God's working in their lives, and I am grateful!!  God is answering yet another prayer!!

Also, Daddy came home from State Convention really sick with a very high fever.  I called a few people whose prayers I trust, and Daddy's fever broke!!!  God moved swiftly, concisely, evidently, and mightily!!  I praise Him!

Talk about raindrops!!  God does answer prayers!!