Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I mentioned that I taught a Sunday School lesson on Great Faith vs. Dinky Faith.  I looked up all the instances where Jesus said someone had great faith and compared them to the times He said someone had little or no faith.  I figured those would be important clues to what real faith is.  The recap of that lesson is that great faith is one that is persistent and takes God at His word.  Dinky faith is faith that is not founded by prayer and fasting, does not take God at His word or trust Who He is, or does not put Him before everything else.  

If you have a promise from God, it is a promise from God:  the God Who has all power, is not limited by time or place, is all-sufficient, Who commands the armies of heaven, Who is the great I AM!!  He is so much more, and He is faithful to us.  We can trust Him.  We can take Him at His word.  We can live as though what He said is really going to happen, because it is!! 

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