Monday, August 27, 2012

Nothing is beyond redemption!!

Please, allow me to quote Jack Hayford from his book, Penetrating the Darkness.  It
made me want to scream a "WOOHOO!!!"  Some people do not like those, so I won't right now!   (Smile!)

He says on page 69:

"There is nothing in the Bible that suggests we are victims of unyielding circumstance. . . . nothing is beyond redemption.  Nothing in your life, nothing in my life, nothing of anything we face--nothing is beyond redemption.  But there is a decisive issue to be settled.

"Where can our conquering Savior find, among those who have acknowledged Him as the Christ, the Son of the living God, those who will then accept and apply the keys of the Kingdom?  Those keys, which represent the authority He is inviting us to exercise, constitute the key component to change. Redemption on earth advances as God's praying people take action, invoking through intercession the victory that is established in heaven."

"So much of the Church lives passively, rather than taking action and becoming redemptive agents of God's Kingdom in our world.  We are called to transmit through prayer the invitation: 'Let Your Kingdom come!  Enter into this circumstance, that problem, that soul that home!  Let your will be done in our family, our town, our nation--exactly as You, Father, will in it heaven.  Release it in Jesus' name.  Shed forth the blessing of His victory--apply what He has 'finished'!'"

"It is finished!"--John 19:30.  Jesus finished it.  He said it.  I believe it.

I am striving to listen, to accept and apply God's will through prayer.  Nothing and no one is beyond redemption!  That makes me so happy!

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