Monday, October 5, 2015

A few months ago, I asked God, as I still do from time to time, to "help mine unbelief" (Mark 9:24).  Well, He is doing just that!  Miracle after miracle has occurred, and my faith is growing.  I want to share some of those miracles with you so your faith can increase.

First, and probably the most significant to you as pray-ers for prodigals, we have had 12 prodigals saved!  TWELVE!!!  And, prodigal related, a lady who attends church with me came home a couple of weeks ago to find her prodigal daughter lying on her couch as if she had never been gone.  She is still at home and has been attending church!  A 30-year prodigal was saved just last week, making the real number 13!

Next, I will address the healings.  About four weeks ago, a friend of mine came to church in a wheelchair because she couldn't walk well enough to come without it.  She went up for prayer and left in a wheelchair.  However, the next week, she came with only a walker.  The next week, she needed neither and climbed the stairs to sing in the choir loft with the choir TWICE!! 

The son of a couple from church was diagnosed with cancer, having tumors in numerous places.  Last week, we received word that the doctor said his cancer had "vanished," quoting the radiologist reading the CT scan!  VANISHED!!

A gentleman from our church had a sister on life support.  They gathered the family around her bed to say their final good-byes before they removed her life support.  She did not die!!  In fact, she revived and is doing well!!! 

And, God healed my thumb!!!!! 

There have been so many amazing miracles.  God is amazing! 

If you are struggling with unbelief, if you feel you cannot receive answers to prayer for healing or for your prodigal that seems so lost, hold on!  God is working even now!!  And ask Him to help you love Him more and for your faith to be increased!  He will answer those prayers beautifully!  Ask Him!!  He will!! 

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