Friday, May 16, 2014

Answer to a small prayer makes me know God is working on my big prayers!

Of course, it is all the same to God, but today I was out of sage!!  How can a true southern lady be out of sage?!?!?!  The reason I have been out is because the price is so astronomical, and I have been looking for economical sage for months!  Before I left the house going to the local grocery store, I asked God for cheaper sage.  When I got there, they had a bottle about an inch high for over $5!!!  I started to settle for a bottle of poultry seasoning, and looked up, and there was a three-inch high bottle for $1.29!!  I was so happy, and on the way out of the store, I realized that my God, Who is omnipresent, present in all places AND all times, already knew I was going to pray that prayer and had it waiting on me!!

Sage is not necessarily important in the scheme of life, but this bottle of sage served as a raindrop!

On the way out of the store, it hit me that the God Who can answer about sage and have it in the store before I even pray the prayer is answering my prayer about the prodigal for whom I pray daily.  In fact, I know He is.  Just Wednesday, I got a call that let me know that God is answering a HUGE prayer for this person's life!!  It is HUGE, and this person's coming back to God is happening quickly!! 

I am SOOOO very thankful to God for this raindrop, but even more thankful for answered prayers!!

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