Monday, October 7, 2013

Yesterday in church during worship, there were so many encouraging raindrops that I had to share some lyrics.

"Nothing Is Impossible" by Planet Shakers
". . .Through You,
Blind eyes are opened,
Strongholds are broken,
I am living by faith,
Nothing is impossible!

I’m not gonna live by what I see,
I’m not gonna live by what I feel

. . . I know that, You can do anything
I believe, I believe,
I believe, I believe in You."

"Because He Lives" by Bill Gaither

 "How sweet to hold
A newborn baby
And feel the pride
And joy he gives
But greater still
The calm assurance
This child can face
Uncertain days
Just because He lives.

Because He lives
I can face tomorrow
Because He lives
All fear is gone
Because I know
He holds the future
And life is worth the living
Just because He lives."

"Jesus Paid It All" by Elvina M. Hall
"Lord, now indeed I find
Thy pow’r, and Thine alone,
Can change the leper’s spots
And melt the heart of stone.

Jesus paid it all,
All to Him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow."

These songs encouraged me so beautifully!  I hope they do you, too!!


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