Sunday, May 28, 2017

A friend sent this to me (posted with her permission):

“For the past month, I’ve found an excuse every Saturday morning to skip my workout to exercise videos. This morning, I decided to mow the lawn for my exercise. As I walked out on the lawn, I felt raindrops, and my first thought was to go back inside. Then I reminded myself that I just ate, so could not do my ‘regular’ exercise. I was determined to get some exercise today, so I made a decision to mow until the raindrops turned to shower. For the 50 minutes that I was outside there were intermittent raindrops, but no shower. The thought occurred to me that so many times, we ask God to provide showers of blessings, when all along he’s been providing raindrops of blessings. I thought the raindrops began as soon as I stepped outside, but it had been going on long before I got outside, and I just couldn’t see. Lord, please help me to be thankful for the raindrops, while you hold the showers for a later time.”
Isn't that good?

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