Saturday, January 7, 2017

Another praise report!

A prodigal has moved to New York City, out of the Bible Belt, away from godly family. 

However, God still knows where he is and has answered prayers that God would send laborers into that harvest field:  the heart of this prodigal.

The way I understand it is that he was standing in line to appear on a TV show when he spotted a group of young people.  He told his parents that they looked like they were part of a youth group, something with which he is VERY familiar, because he used to be one!  =)  Somehow, they struck up a conversation, and one of them is a preacher, and that group of people is in Brooklyn to plant a church!  That preacher has kept in touch with this prodigal, and even went to one of the prodigal's concerts (the prodigal is a musician), later saying that he had never been to a rock concert. 

I do not believe in coincidence in the life of a Christian.  I believe in God's answering prayers!  I believe God sent that group and that preacher specifically into that harvest field!  Out of all of the places in Brooklyn that the prodigal could be, and out of all the places in Brooklyn that the group could be, they were together in the same place at the same time!

Thanks be to our God, who loves our prodigals more than we do!

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