Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I just HAD to share some praise reports!

First, God has saved another prodigal connected to our Life Church family!

Also, a mom from Life Church has a son who was running with a crowd that was not a good influence.  He was going to hang out with them, but was delayed in a long check-out line at the store.  (Can we say, "Thank You, God?")  While he was delayed, one of his influences was shot twice.  This son was protected and has since denounced his friendships with them, and the father’s heart has reopened to him emotionally.  God is amazing!

From another mother who has just started receiving our promise/praise/prayer who is praying for her son and daughter-in-law:  “Wanted to share a praise.  Took 2 oldest girls home after school yesterday and witnessed a smile and good conversation between my daughter in law and <my granddaughter/her stepdaughter>.  I was so very thankful!  My spirit was leaping. Praise our sweet Lord and Savior - I am thankful for every positive affirmation!  (a good start - God is on the move)  thanks for your prayers!”
I thought you might like a little faith-booster!  I know that to me this seems more like a shower than a raindrop!
Thank You, LORD, for answering our prayers!

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