Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"When you go out to battle against your enemies, and see horses and chariots and people more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them:  for the Lord your God is with you, who brought you up from the land of Egypt."  (Deuteronomy 20:1 NKJV)

We may not fight battles with warriors on horses and riding chariots, but there are plenty of times when we feel we are outnumbered and that the battle is too difficult.  But this verse tells us that when this happens, we should look back at the great things God has already done in our lives to remind us that He can and will deliver us yet again, that HE will be with us in our battles. 

Our enemies are just as real as the enemies of the children of Israel, but we are not fighting flesh and blood.  We are fighting "against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places."  (Ephesians 6:12 NKJV)

Has God saved anyone you know?  Has God saved anyone with a difficult past? 

Has God healed you?  Has God healed you or anyone against all odds?  

Has God provided for you?  Has God provided for you when there was no other way?

Has God broken strongholds? 

Has God delivered?

Has God sanctified?

That is the God that will be with you in this fight, the one you are fighting today, whether it be for healing, for salvation, for your family, for provision, for deliverance.  God, "who brought you up from the land of Egypt", is with you!

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