Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yesterday, someone shared this song with me.  This morning, my spiritual mentor posted the same performance on her Facebook page.  I am taking it personally.

When I listened to it yesterday, I began thinking about the lessons I have learned in the past two years or so.  You see, when my loved one told me they were no longer serving God, my world seemed to fall apart.  I could do little but cry and pray, walking in circles around my breakfast room table.  Perhaps you have been there!!  But what I have learned since then and throughout this process is that I WILL make it, that what God promises are true, that He is faithful, and that I can trust Him. 

Now, why didn't I know that earlier?  I did, but on a very elementary level.  Now I have truly lived it, and my faith is stronger.  Has my loved one repented?  Not that I know of yet, but I know it will happen, and I am grateful, so grateful, for the lessons learned.

I love my God.  He is amazing!  He is close!!  My heart overflows!!!

I hope this song blesses you!!  It is a good way to start the day!!

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